Due to his extended career and his enormous influence on the bass field, Igor Saavedra is being officially sponsored by 8 of the most prestigious music gear brands. By clicking on the links you will be able to get to know the refined quality of this gear, which he uses exclusively for perform in every concert…..

PHIL JONES BASS: www.pjbworld.com (“Phil Jones – Igor Saavedra Signature” Bass Head & Cabinet model)
RMI BASSES: www.ramsay-bass.co.uk (“RMI –  Igor Saavedra Signature” Octavius 4.0 Bass)
LA BELLA STRINGS: www.labella.com (“La Bella – Igor Saavedra Signature” ERB Strings model)
MEY CHAIR SYSTEMS: www.meychair.de (“Mey – Igor Saavedra Signature” Chair model)
ANALYSIS PLUS CABLES: www.analysis-plus.com (Pro Oval Studio, Power Oval 2 and Silver Oval)
NORDSTRAND PICKUPS: www.nordstrandpickups.com (DC8 Pickups, custom made for his 8 string basses)
INSTRUMENT STRAPS (Soon to announce):  (“Igor Saavedra Signature Strap”)
GRUV GEAR: www.gruvgear.com (Solo Lite Cart, The Club Bag)
WITTNER METRONOMES: www.wittner-gmbh.de (Sponsoring Igor’s defense of the Metronome for Music Education)
(Coming soon an image selector so you can check all the official banners of his current Sponsors)