996893_10152384147006564_1206810810_nAfter 25 years of career as a bassist Igor has had an extense media covering which includes countless newspaper interviews and chronicles. He has been frequently featured on TV and Radio in different countries many times doing live performances including a CNN feature interview on 2011. In relation with the Specialized Bass Magazines, he has been Published, Interviewed and Cover Featured in almost 100 of the most prestigious publications across the world, such as Bass Player Magazine (US), Bass Guitar Magazine (UK), Bass Musician Magazine (US), Bass Professor (Germany), Bajos y Bajistas (Spain), For Bass Players Only (US), Bajista Magazine (Spain), Linha de Frente Magazine (Brazil), Basista (Poland), Bassiste (France) and many more.., counting on this specialized magazines more than 60 articles and bass lessons, more than 20 exclusive interviews and more than 10 cover appearances. (Coming soon an image selector so you can check some of the most relevant newspaper and specialized magazines coverage through his career)